Rich, warming and wholesome- the perfect autumn addition to nourish your body and build up your defences before the winter season kicks in.
Like many of the wonderfully nutritious foods that have gained traction recently, the benefits have been known by ancient cultures for hundreds of years. Bone broth is a traditional remedy which has been used as an ailment for the sick or weak, as well as a healing tonic for conditions relating to the gastrointestinal tract, joints, the skin, lungs, muscles and the blood!
Although it may sound magical, it is simply science. All of the benefits are proven by evidence-based scientific methods, and come from the wholesome ingredients used to make the broth, as well as the long, slow cooking method which slowly draws out the nutrients. Some of the benefits include; quelling inflammation, healing the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract as well as calming of allergies.
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A good quality bone broth is simmered over a low heat, for a long time. It will be rich in a dynamic array of minerals and connective tissue components which seep out into the broth, supplying collagen, gelatin, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and fluoride, in an easily digestible form.
What is collagen and why do we need it? Collagen is like the glue that holds our body together- giving the skin strength and elasticity, as well as providing fluidity to the joints, and aiding in the replacement of cells in the gut lining (soothing conditions related to leaky gut syndrome). Production of collagen declines as we age, this is physically noticeable with the appearance of wrinkles, and the decrease of firmness in skin tone, luckily there is a solution! You can supplement the natural production of collagen by consuming it (ingesting is far superior to applying topically).
Collagen is made up of two amino acids; glycine and proline. Gylcine is the simplest of all the amino acids and can be considered a restorative amino acid. Glycine can actually be produced by the body in usual circumstances (a conditionally essential amino acid), although you may not be familiar with the term, your body uses this amino acid each and every day for muscle, cognitive and metabolic functions. It helps break down and transport nutrients like glycogen and fat to be used by cells for energy, and in the process, it supports strong immune, digestive and nervous systems.
Detoxification of the body- on a daily basis we encounter toxins, from radiation to the chemicals we are exposed to in our food, water and air. It’s the liver and kidney’s job to manage and filter all that we are exposed to, continuously and efficiently detoxifying.
Gylcine plays a key role in the detoxification of the body. It is one of the starting components needed to make glutathione- the body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent. Without constant production of glutathione, free radicals would harm the body’s defences and impact immunity, leaving you susceptible to bugs and viruses. In ideal conditions, glycine is produced by the body, however, adverse conditions (poor diet, pollutions, toxins and stress) can all inhibit the production, leaving the liver unable to function optimally and hence putting the body at risk of oxidative stress.
Gut health- two of the key substances in bone broth- collagen and gelatin help make up the gut lining. It is the increased permeability of the gut lining (or the malfunctioning of the tight junctions) which allows substances (undigested food particles, microbes, toxins etc) to enter the blood stream. When this happens, it can trigger inflammation in the body and result in food sensitivities (gluten and dairy in particular). Amino acids such as glycine and proline help regenerate the cells to rebuild the tissue which lines the digestive tract, keeping bacteria and food particles inside the gut where they belong. This helps people with food sensitivities to tolerate foods more easily.
Promoting restful sleep- research suggests glycine improves the quality and efficacy of sleep by increasing REM sleep time, resulting improvements in fatigue and clear headedness during the day. Glycine has a role in inhibiting muscle activity during REM sleep, as well as lowering the core temperature of the body- both of which facilitate restful and restorative sleep.
The healing, nourishing properties of bone broth make it a practical way to obtain important nutrients you need this autumn, putting your body and your health in the best shape to thrive in the cooler months.