There’s nothing more sumptuous than a chocolate pot, packed with protein, topped with a dollop of peanut and a sprinkling of roasted nuts, and so it’s about time we shared the recipe!
Chocolate Protein Pot Recipe | Fresh Fitness Food Blog

50g cottage cheese
100g yoghurt
30g chocolate nibs
10g honey
25g aqua faba (chickepea water)
30g chocolate protein
10g peanut butter + 5g peanuts
1) Put a pan of boiling water onto the heat and bring to the boil.
2) Place the chocolate into a metal bowl and add the chocolate. Place this over the top of the water to melt.
3) Put the aqua faba into a bowl and whisk up until it forms soft peaks.
4) Mix the cottage cheese and yoghurt together then slowly add to the aqua faba.
5) After adding the yoghurt, add the melted chocolate and mix together.
6) Finally, mix in the chocolate protein and the honey to taste.
7) Place in pots and garnish with peanut butter and toasted peanuts.