Is Dehydration Affecting Your Progress?

Signs of dehydration can come in many forms; headaches, dizziness, low energy levels and even digestive problems. It’s something so simple that can have so many positive health benefits and yet many of us struggle to up our water intake.
Dehydration can affect you in many different situations:
At work
Water is used by the body to transport nutrients to all of our cells, providing us with an instant energy boost. When we are dehydrated, our brain functioning is impaired and we can suffer from daytime fatigue. If you feel like you’re falling asleep at your desk mid morning, this could be due to lack of hydration.
When training
During intensive exercise, we lose a % of our body weight through sweating. If the body is not rehydrated throughout and after physical activity, dehydration can severely impair physical performance, having a drastic effect on our strength, endurance and muscle recovery. One of the primary reasons for this is that dehydration affects our core body temperature and can cause an increasing sense of fatigue. If you are trying to build muscle it is vital you are taking in enough water during training sessions.
For weight loss
Ensuring we are drinking enough water can also be an effective way of stimulating weight loss. Not only does our appetite decrease naturally when we are substantially hydrated, but we often mistake thirst for hunger cravings and can often overeat because of this. Next time you are feeling hungry ensure you have water to hand. When we are dehydrated our bodies tend to hold onto any available water in our bodies as a survival mechanism, which can cause bloating. When we are drinking enough water, this effect is reversed, and our bodies are encouraged to release more and retain less water, as it is no longer threatened with dehydration.
Your digestion
In addition to tackling the effect of bloating, water is used by the body to maintain a healthy digestive system. The stomach needs water to produce hydrochloric acid used to breakdown the food we consume effectively, and to ensure a healthy bowel function.
By supporting the healthy functioning of both the liver and the kidneys, water also aids effective detoxification of the body. The kidneys use water to fuel its ability to filter toxins in the body and to remove waste products from the cells via urine. When the kidneys are able to function effectively, it allows the liver to continue to do its own job and metabolise excess fat stores.
Sip regularly throughout the day, and each of the above individual benefits will work together to instantly transform our energy levels!
Struggle to get your water intake up? We’ve got got some simple tips to help you stay hydrated throughout the Summer:
+ Buy a reusable water bottle – not only great for the environment but having a bottle to hand will also mean you will have water throughout the day when on the go.
+ Refill your water glass when it’s empty- not only is getting up from your desk and moving good for you but it will also encourage you to drink more regularly.
+ Set a water intake goal – try setting yourself small milestone to drink 1L by 12noon or setting reminders if you really struggle to remember.
+ Jazz up your H20 – if you find it difficult to just drink plain water add some citrus fruits, cucumber or mint to encourage you to drink more.