The Most Effective Method For Weight Loss

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try and ignore the rest”

Venus Williams

One of the most common questions we get asked is: How can I lose weight fast?
Rapid weight loss is rarely sustainable and will often leave you feeling miserable, hungry and unlikely to stick to your goals for long periods of time. Juice ‘detoxes’ and meal replacement diets do help you drop weight rapidly, but these do not provide long-term results, more of a quick fix. Calories in vs. calories out is ultimately what will get you your fat loss results. There is no need to overcomplicate this for yourself. However it is important to do this safely and responsibly. If your goal is fat loss, a healthy and sustainable calorie deficit is 20% of your daily burn.
How do you measure your daily burn?

Your TDEE (Total daily energy expenditure) is what you will burn throughout the day. From this point, you need to determine the deficit or surplus required to achieve your desired goal. For example, we apply a 20% calorie deficit for our Fat Loss clients and a macro split of 30% protein, 30% carbs and 40% fat.
When people want to ‘lose weight’ most of the time they are referring to unwanted body fat. In order to get that toned physique many of us are looking for, we also need to build muscle, which involves working out and fuelling your body correctly. If you are about to embark on a goal for summer whether that be with FFF or not, we recommend doing the following:
Write down your goal
Whether it be to complete an unassisted pull up or to look lean on a daybed in Ibiza; writing down a measurable goal with a rough time frame can help you to develop a focus and you can continue to refer back to this as you make progress. This doesn’t strictly need to be about losing X lbs. It’s much easier to focus on enhancing your performance and developing strength rather than aesthetics. It will also help you to enjoy it a lot more.
Track your progress
Even though weight can be used to reflect fat loss, there are so many influencing factors, that weight alone should never be the only thing you take into consideration. We recommend taking regular measurements and pictures to track your progress. It’s also great to note down how you feel, for example, are you lacking energy and feeling fuzzy eyed every morning? It may be time to switch things up if this is the case!
Don’t stress
Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t forget to have fun. Restricting and depriving yourself only brings on an unhealthy relationship with food. Sure you may need to opt for a vodka, soda and lime over that pint of beer or swerve the third dinner with friends that week but incorporate your new plan into your current lifestyle. Enjoy the process, set yourself challenges and be proud of what you are achieving.
Don’t estimate
When tracking your calories, it’s important that you are aware of how much you are putting into your body. If you feel you’re working hard at the gym and sticking to your planned calorie requirements and are still not seeing results, ask yourself: ‘Am I being honest with myself?’ Sometimes we forget about those mid morning lattes or that lick of a peanut butter spoon after dinner.
Cooking, tracking and weighing every single meal you eat takes up a lot of time and can be very tedious. We don’t want you to get obsessed over numbers. Let us do the hard work for you.
Each of our meal packages is tailored’ to ‘each of our meal packages are tailored to you as an individual, with your daily requirements and preferences as our priority. Our team of specialised nutritionists will put together a plan for you, to reach your own specific goal. If you’d like to get in touch with our on-hand nutrition team click the link below.
In good health,