FFF All Stars battle it out at Manchester Turf Games

Saturday the 3rd of November was a momentous day for Fresh Fitness Food – Our first foray into an event outside of London. The Turf Games hosted by the magnificent Mike Madden at Crossfit3D, and masterminded by the majestic Andy Manteit was the first of it’s kind outside of our capital.
To celebrate the start of something big, Fresh Fitness Food brought some monster athletes to represent our monster service. Jordan Shuttleworth and Dean Vallis, the Titans brought in from the @uk_bootnecks, FFF’s very own amazonians Robin Swinkels and Tea Gorenc were representing the female contingent, and James Colclough was also there bringing in the facials (see below)

Tactics, transitions and tempo were tempered masterfully by the tenacity and tirelessness of the FFF team. Event after event, bead of sweat for bead of sweat (or rivers in Colclough’s case), grit and determination shone through. A truly heroic performance matched only by Crossfit 3Ds own team and alas, on their home soil, it was to be their day.
Hands were shaken, backs were patted and hugs were had. A brilliant event, matched only the brilliance of the people that comprised the teams.
Now, on to the next one…

From L to R
James Colclough – @james.m.colcloug
Tea Gorenc – @fit_tea.g
Dean Vallis – @dean_vallis
Jordan Shuttleworth – @trainedbyoj
Robin Swinkels – @robin_swinkels
Written by Will “Whitty”ham