INews – I thought personal training would change my life.

Whenever I have been “on a diet” I have always set myself a calorie target of 1200. It’s a totally arbitrary number, picked up from snippets of different advice in magazines and blogs. It clearly wasn’t working – not least because of my regular blowouts because, well, I was hungry. After having my basal metabolic rate measured (the amount of calories I burn before I move an inch every day), I was advised to eat nearly 1700 calories a day. Hurrah! Carbs were back on the menu, and encouraged, not just in the form of Friday-night pizza, but sensible, slow-burn carbs to help fuel my workouts. And protein, protein, protein. I couldn’t get my head around how little protein I had actually been eating – I used the My Fitness Pal app to measure my food intake for a number of weeks and it turns out my fat and carb intake was more than generous, but I was falling short on my protein intake. To get my head around what my portioning should really look like, I signed up for a week of Fresh Fitness Food, a meal delivery company that will cater to whatever macros and dietary requirements you may have. At the beginning they seemed like more protein than I could manage, but one week in I noticed I was feeling fuller between meals, with more energy and fewer cravings.
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