I’ve carried the nickname Quadzilla ever since stepping onto the Pro Stage for WBFF back in 2012 and I’m proud to posess a balanced and complete leg development. I have also had amazing success with male prep clients who’ve worked with me to develop extra mass on the legs, achieving 1.5-3″ of circumference increase with a client during a pre-comp lean gains phase.
Here are some of my pearls of wisdom:
JAE's #BeQuadzilla Top 5 Leg Training Tips | Fresh Fitness Food Blog

1. For improving Quads, worry less about shape and more about mass. Your muscle origins and insertions are genetically pre-determined, so don’t waste too much time targeting Vastus Medialis insertion or Lateralis insertion. Make compound exercises your staple! Squat, Leg Press and Lunges are my personal favourites.
2. With the slow twitch fibre dominant Quadriceps, focus more on VOLUME rather than INTENSITY (weight) as the type 1 fibres will grow from this stimulus. It will also separate you from the gym-bros doing sets of 1-3 reps all week long. Aim for 4-5 exercises, with 3 sets of 12-20 reps each, split up with short rests of 60s or less.
3. Work on your adductors! Nothing will widen your legs more than a well developed adductor (the inner thigh muscles). There are 3 muscles here, and each of them originate at the groin. The best exercise for these is anything that requires you to stabilise against external hip rotation. When working these muscles myself I focus on the heavy barbell or dumbbell lunge. Lateral lunges will also work well. Don’t waste your time on the adductor machine!
4. Hamstrings are often neglected. To really grow your hammies give them a separate workout twice a week. Hamstrings and quads in the same workout will either be too long (time wise) for sufficient sets, OR will get your lower back too pumped and tight with all the hip extension.Ensure you use heavier loads than you do for quads due to a greater dominance of Type 2 fibres. Be sure to include knee flexion and hip extension exercises for best development, such as Seated Ham Curls and Still Legged Deadlift.
5. Finally, growing your legs is as much a mental game as a physical one. You will endure more pain and lactic acid, because the biomechanics of the lower body allow for greater leverage and greater muscular endurance. Basically when you’re squatting or leg pressing there’s always one more rep there if you really want it!!