For the majority, their fitness goal is to simply lose a little bit of weight. With this in mind why, with multiple options and tools omnipresent are currently 40% + of the planet overweight? (according to the World Health Organisation) Diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity are rising every year and a contributing factor to these illnesses are excess levels of body fat. Most people never stick to a routine and in my opinion it’s due to poor guidance and generic approaches. Below are some plates full of food for thought that can hopefully guide you towards making your summer goal a permeant fixture in your life.
If you follow generic advice, prepare to get generic results as health decisions must be based upon our own unique circumstances. Generic totals are fine to start from, however if you fail to individualise things like calorie intake, training periodisation or lifestyle considerations ‘like ways to limit stress’, you can potentially exacerbate exciting issues by applying blanket solutions. A great way to start this self analysis is keeping mood, food or sleep diaries.
If your caloric intake, training regimes and lifestyle choices are sporadic, regress and understand why. Not feeling hungry at all, trouble concentrating, feeling low on energy regularly or having a lack of motivation are all warning signs that something isn’t right. Similar to a car flashing warning lights, if you ignore them, breaking down is very likely to happen. Having an understanding of how to address these signs will prevent them from developing into more serious conditions. Yes, I am talking to you, the person who skips breakfast, fixes it with coffee and has a big drop in energy levels midday, then having their only real meal in the evening thinking this will help them lose weight. Become consistent with basics, like meal frequency and regular training then move on from there.
Stop Looking For Shortcuts
Convenience most probably put you where you are right now, so don’t go searching for quick fixes to help you out from the hole you dug yourself in the first place. There is no quick fix to the health problems we face globally in regards to being overweight, tailored nutrition and purposeful training that fits in with your lifestyle is what you need. Buying a meal replacement shake to a meal that didn’t exist in the first place is not a better option neither is quickly squeezing in a class at your gym when you have no idea what limitations your body has, you can’t “cheat” the system. Self developed health problems like insulin resistance can severely impact nutrition, whilst postural problems can impact exercise selection. Spending time understanding your body initially will develop into a convenient routine in the future.
Choose Your Idols Wisely
Stop making stupid people famous. This evolving industry at times resemble soft pornography with the quality of images displayed by certain fitness experts and social media followers appearing to outweigh qualifications in regards to credibility. It seems people have forgotten, the role of a fitness professional is ultimately to guide those who need it towards better lifestyle choices. Education can be the solution to a lot of our health problems, so find various credible sources and learn different approaches to keep your routine efficient.
Train With Purpose
In and out within 40 minutes, sounds good right? Plan your training properly to avoid being a floater and this will keep training convenient to fit in with your life and also are you ready…GET RESULTS! Yes you heard it here first folks, actually training correctly will get you the look you want! Stop with the mental exercise selections, atrocious ego lifting and ignorant exercise views and you have more chance of sticking to a regime permanently because you will see positive results from it.
Don’t Be Fooled
Sustainable nutrition is a rarity and people have developed poor relationships with food, in my opinion it’s because we are not educated enough about it from a young age. Companies have capitalised on this lack of knowledge and used it to flog products to desperate people, remember food will always be a preferable choice, however in rare circumstances certain supplements can assist. There are better choices and sub optimal food choices, understanding the ripple effects of poor choices will help keep you on track with your nutrition in areas like digestion and hormonal function. Junk food for some can be consumed with less side effects, however for some metabolically challenged or digestive system restricted individuals it cannot be, as the ripple effects can be damaging. Different folks, different strokes, just because he or she can doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.
You get out what you put in, fitness isn’t just about exerting yourself. Educate yourself and question everything, there is no right or wrong. Remember sustainability, consistency and knowledge will keep you on track forever. Fitness isn’t being prioritised enough in peoples lifestyles, so make time for your health before your health makes time for you.