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Posted by phillip on Dec 18, 2016 9:07:43 AM
As the weather turns cooler and the build up to Christmas begins, so too does the festive beverage season! Don’t be enticed by the bright red cups popping up everywhere, your toffee nut or gingerbread latte is calorie dense and depending on your requirements this can be a big chunk of your daily calories- as well as not actually contributing any quality nutrients to your diet.
Here at FFF we don’t want you to miss out on that festive feeling, so we’ve created an alternative winter warmer which is low in calories and high in nutritional value to see you through the season!
Here’s a breakdown of our specially chosen ingredients and their health boosting properties.
Apple cider vinegar has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and block the digestion of starchy foods, therefore helping to lower blood sugar responses after meals.
The high level of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar lowers the glycaemic index of foods, slowing the rate of sugar release into the bloodstream, which leaves us feeling satiated. In this way, it can support weight loss by making us feel fuller for longer.
Lemon is the perfect addition to your morning as it kick-starts the digestive system so that it can flush out toxins efficiently throughout the day. In doing so, lemon acts as a cleansing agent ensuring the healthy functioning of our colon.
Whilst being very low in calories, lemon juice is packed full of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, phosphorous and magnesium.
The high level of vitamin C supports the body’s immune system by fighting against cancer causing free radicals, and aiding the body in its absorption of iron from other food sources.
Spiced Apple Cider- Christmas Detox Blend | Fresh Fitness Food Blog
However it’s not just on the inside that the lemon works its magic! Vitamin C is also involved in the production of collagen, which supports our skin cells protecting against external damage, and leaving our skin feeling and looking fresh.
Cinnamon, is sourced from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree and has long been used as both a warming, flavoursome spice, and medicinally, making it perfect for the winter season!
Essential oils in its bark contain healing properties such as acting as an anti-microbial spice by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi in the body.
Cinnamon also acts to reduce levels of bad cholesterol. Its calcium and fibre content bind together to remove bile salts. When bile is removed from the digestive system, the body breaks down cholesterol instead, releasing this as waste. Lower cholesterol can aid the body in preventing associated conditions such as heart disease.
Cayenne pepper, similar to cinnamon has long been used medicinally. It is both cleansing and detoxifying, as it stimulates circulation and acts to neutralise the pH of the body.
Cayenne contains a high level of capsaicin, which is not only what gives it its spicy flavour, but raises the body’s metabolism by supporting the proteins which break down the fats in our body whilst simultaneously reducing the activity of the enzymes which synthesise fats. Therefore the development of mature fat cells is obstructed.
Capsaicin also depletes the body’s nerve cells of a chemical substance ‘P’ which sends pain signals to the brain. In doing so, the pepper reduces conditions such as migraines, but can also soothe joint pains.
Star anise is the least common spice used in our detox blend, but equally as nutrient dense and double as festively flavoured! It is not only naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial but contains a high level of shikimic acid which supports immune functioning within the body.
Honey is most commonly used as a natural sweetener, but it has countless nutritional properties which mustn’t be ignored!
Containing only 7 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon, honey is great natural energiser as the unprocessed sugar enters the bloodstream directly, giving us a quick (and much needed) burst of energy.
However, honey is so naturally diverse in its properties that it also helps regulate our sleep cycle! Honey -stimulates the release of serotonin- a feel-good hormone responsible for improving mood and happiness levels. Serotonin is then converted into melatonin which also helps to facilitate restful sleep.
SO, not only is our new spiced apple cider a warm and delicious remedy to keeping the winter blues at bay, but we’ve packed it full of the good stuff to combat those seasonal colds and keep you fighting fit until summer comes around...

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