Surviving the weekend without FFF

Surviving the weekend without FFF

During the work-week many of us have structured work and exercise routines, set times we eat, and even food prepped for us- which is great, until the weekend rolls around and routines go out the window, and you’re back to cooking for yourself. While the weekend can be typically indulgent, it is important to keep your health and wellness goals in mind when making choices over the weekend.
Here are a few low-key changes and tips which are easy to implement, and can make a big difference to staying on track till your next black and green bag lands on your doorstep Monday morning.

The 2-4-1

preparing two meals at once doesn’t mean you need to have the same meal twice in a row! Cook extra of the protein portion and re-invent the meal as a quick an easy lunch the next day. Roast an extra chicken breast and slice it up for a chicken salad. Or make a double portion of veggie chilli, serving with rice for dinner and on a baked potato for lunch the next day.

Copy your FFF meals

Now we don’t mean replicating these ingredient for ingredient, but you can use the meals as a guide to the approx. quantities of veg, protein and carb your personalised program contains, which has been tailored to you and your goals. While this doesn’t need to be exact, if you are consistently eating say 25% more on the weekends (which is easily done!) then over time this can hinder your progress

Factor in exercise

If you spend your weekend on the couch watching Netflix, your energy output will probably be less than your weekday expenditure. Likewise, if you have a sedentary job and like spending your weekends hiking, biking or even dancing all night long, then you will be using more energy. You can adjust your intake to reflect your energy requirements.

Limit alcohol

Not a popular one..but needs to be said! Alcohol itself contains 7kcal per gram however, it is not just the calories in alcohol to take into account, it is also the mixer which is used, as well as the rapid decline in control of what is eaten (kebab on the way home anyone?), not to mention the next day’s hangover food.


If your idea of a perfect night in includes a takeway on the couch, you don’t have to give it up, just switch it up by making your own healthier versions. Try a cauliflower-base pizza or our FFF Chicken Satay Recipe

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