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Losing weight vs losing fat: what’s the difference?

Posted by Fresh Fitness Food on Jul 6, 2020 2:59:53 PM

At FFF we frequently get requests to help clients lose X amount of weight - often in an ambitious time frame to say the least.

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Fat Loss - 8 steps to get started

Posted by FFF FFF on Jan 14, 2019 2:55:20 PM

Fat loss is a hot topic especially at this time of the year, and everyone claims to have the answer as to how to shed the Christmas pounds as quickly, and with as little effort as possible!
With every website providing different advice, it can be very confusing to know what to follow. We find the trick is not to overcomplicate things, so here we have provided you with a simple recap on what is required to lose body fat, as well as 8 easy steps to kick start your fat loss journey

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