3 trainers, 3 subjects, 10 weeks and a whole lot of Tupperware!

This was the  Men’s Health ‘ten week transformation’. The ultimate male makeover took staff from different sections of the Men’s Health office and brought them together on one journey to change their whole outlook on health, both as a mental and physical state. Each to embark on the ultimate challenge to push their bodies towards a composition change once thought of as impossible. No three were the same, no three were even very similar. Each fell under the spell of a different trainer, and each was assigned different macros to fuel their individual transformation. Each had different goals, with an eye to making the different achievements they personally wanted to take away from the programme.
There was one thing they all had in common – they were all fed by Fresh Fitness Foods.
James Fisher was a bit of a hulk – your classic ‘weight training’ male. Monday mornings for James were always bench press mornings, and food was simply a means of ‘bulking’. James’ transformation helped him focus on his diet, using food to more effectively fuel his muscle growth and training under the watchful eye of expert trainer Richard Tidmarsh. Fresh Fitness Food provided that fuel with each meal tailored specifically to help achieve the results that James himself desired but didn’t know how to get. True to the Fresh Fitness Food brand, meals were delivered daily and prepped fresh to ensure the very best content.
Now, it’s all very well us singing the praises of this fabulous food, but what did James think…
FFF   Describe FFF in 3 words (you can’t use fresh/foods!!)
JAMES–  Convenient, Quality, Variety
FFF   How did FFF help with your ten week transformation?
JAMES–  Fresh Fitness Foods removed the ‘guess work’ element throughout the transformation. They in theory made the challenge easy, allowing me to devote more of my attention to the exercise part of the plan. I knew once I had trained, Fresh Fitness Food were on hand to supply me with the correct nutrition, designed to fit my macros, and help achieve the transformation I did.
JAMES–  They also helped me to fight off any initial sugar cravings at the start of the challenge, with some carefully designed ‘guilt-free’ desserts.
FFF   What did FFF teach you about fuelling your body correctly during the transformation?
JAMES–  It taught me that you cannot out train a bad diet! For years I have trained, but never looked any different because of a poor diet plan. With tweaks to my diet and the consistent focus on the right nutrition, it was only a matter of time before I saw dramatic changes.
JAMES It also taught me the importance of vegetables in any diet plan. Never have I had as much energy, slept better and recovered so well because of all the added nutrients and minerals to my diet.
FFF   Is FFF a service you’d still consider using now the transformation is complete?
JAMES I would 100% still consider Fresh Fitness Food now that my transformation has finished. Having gone back to cooking for myself, I realise the service they provide is second to none.
FFF   Favourite meal?
JAMES–  Turkey Meatballs
FFF   Favourite snack?
JAMES -Chocolate and avocado mousse

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