In my previous three blogs covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, I looked at providing some food for thought on just how important these meals are and their potential benefits. By giving people a varied range of knowledge, it will hopefully help guide them to better choices, as by having even a basic knowledge of your own health will serve you by helping guide you through the confusing world of health and fitness.
With “shortcuts” to health being flogged to unknowingly desperate people on advertisements and social media pages at every turn, you need to be able to spot the difference between snake oil and something that can potentially provide some benefit to you.
To reiterate and further summarise a main point from the previous blogs, there should be no generic answers to questions regarding nutrition or exercise. In my opinion there are way too many “organisations” out there looking to capitalise on arguably one of the worlds biggest issues, human health.
Whether we admit it or not, we all care about how we look and with “shortcuts” being discovered in the form of supplements or a fancy new way of dieting, people are investing their time and money into something that doesn’t really seem sustainable for long term health.
I have spoken about the 3 main meals in your day, just as important as those meals is your choice of snacks. Snacking appropriately will help keep blood sugar levels stable, hormonal signals accurate to your bodies needs not its cravings and regulating internal homeostasis. The sub optimal type could lead to cravings, mood swings, disruption to hormonal signalling and extreme cases of hunger. No answer applicable to all in regards to the best choice of snack, so how do you find the better choice for you?
Just like your meal choices, each type of snack chosen should fit into your daily kcal/macro and micro nutrient needs. As previously explained, factors like daily activity levels, health conditions, body types, economical and environmental determinants will all have an impact on what is preferable for you to eat. Each individual will react differently to certain macro nutrient groups. Statistically certain body types prefer either fat, protein or carbohydrates as the majority of their food consumption, due to metabolic differences. The best bet is to try different groups and see what works best for you.
Foods like nuts, cured meats or fruit are simple yet effective ideas, baking healthier treats or being creative with combinations of foods will keep your nutritional choices interesting. Prepare in advance or know your surrounding to keep yourself on track.
Eat according to your bodies needs, train with purpose don’t just exercise and have the knowledge to adapt to your surroundings. In my opinion this is what each person can and should be aiming to do. If you read my previous blogs, you have probably gathered that each meal is arguably just as important as the next and that snacking in between meals is just as essential.
Simply put, a lot of health problems/improvements can be soothed/supported by eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with adequate snacking in between. Don’t be mislead, give your body what it needs.