Leading Physique Coach

Tom is renowned as one of the top trainers in the UK with over 13 years and 25,000 hours of one to one training experience. Tom is the founder of Total Body Conditioning Ltd, a specialist personal training company that offers its clients real, measurable and visible results. Tom is known as the top physique transformation coach in the industry.
In 2012 Tom had his first World Championship Title win with the WBFF. He now has over 40 clients who have achieved their pro status and over 50 clients who have placed top 5 in their chosen competitions.
With this expertise alongside his relevant qualifications, Tom planned and developed the Fresh Fitness Food Competition Preparation package. Tom recommends the Competition Preparation package to his clients to ensure that they are fed the exact kcals/macros that they require which makes the whole competing process so much easier and less stressful.