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Posted by phillip on Oct 13, 2017 1:16:48 PM


The wellness industry is constantly evolving. Governments, health associations, social media and corporates are constantly putting pressure on the public to make their diet and fitness level a key element of their lifestyle. Inspired by key influencers and experts showcasing quicker fixes, tastier treats and more convenient options, consumers continue to search for new solutions to the ever-growing wellness question.

Trend 1: Plant based diets.
Macro focused and Paleo meal plans continue to reign strong. Animal based proteins still have undeniable advantages for amino acid profiles, yet plant based diets are one of the fastest growing trends. A key example of this is world renowned gym Equinox. Their NYC studios stock vegetarian-only cafes in all of their NYC sites and they are not the only ones jumping aboard the meat-free bandwagon. Popular cafe Pret saw huge wins with their plant-based meals and snacks in the last two quarters and have even introduced ‘Veggie only’ Pret cafes. The same trend is only going to grow faster in the supplement industry, Glanbia (parent company to O.N and BSN) have just purchased  Amazing Grass launching towards the end of this year in the UK to complete their offering and ride this trend.
Not only is this trend beneficial for our planet, but depending on your goals, this could be the solution! FFF offers a delicious  veggie menu, calorie controlled and tailored specifically to your health and fitness goals.

Trend 2: The word 'Protein'.
The laws around packaging and branding from a nutritional POV are quite strict. You cannot make certain claims unless your product has been government tested or has a specific amount of certain ingredients, for example, ice-cream must have at least 10% cream in it before it can be called 'ice cream'. There is no such law around the word ‘protein’…yet! Despite this lack of information, it is a term that has quickly become linked with ‘good health’. Pret has been quick to bring out 'protein pots' and the market is always offering new 'protein' meals or snacks. We’ve even been exposed to ‘protein mars bars’ in recent months. Meanwhile, ‘'The Protein Bakery', makes protein brownies with 19g of carbs, 6g of fat and only 6g of protein per serving, with their top ingredients being sugar and butter. Does this scream health to you?
Consumers need to be educated on the fact that 'protein' does not necessarily mean ‘good health’. Secondly, we need to be aware of what else is contained in the meal and how much protein it actually contains. It’s also worth noting there have been several studies exploring how much protein our bodies can actually digest in one sitting, so is an incredibly high protein content really that beneficial after all?
FFF meals are often high in quality protein sources, as we design your meal plans to hit a bespoke protein target. It’s the total daily intake of each of your ‘macros’ together that counts and supports the healthy goals of each individual.

Trend 3: Convenience and streamlined integration.
The travel industry are leading this trend and have been for a while now. Seamless travel experiences are easily booked using clever websites or apps and can include your plane ticket, airport transfers, car hire and hotel all-inclusive booking deals. One of FFF's key USP's has always been our ability to seamlessly link into people's daily lives by providing the ultimate convenience of daily delivery before 6am. This trend will continue across the fitness industry through creative packaging (single serve protein sachets), new apps ( Rigfitness launching soon) and online training platforms such as the  PoshPT who offer PT via Skype. Studios, such as  Ride Republic are jumping aboard too with easy online booking systems and ‘before sunrise’ sessions.
Following trends and looking at the competition is important, but to summarise this piece far better than I ever could:
'If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses' Henry Ford
Caspar Rose - FFF CEO and Chief Fresh Foodie

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