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4 Nutritionist Tips this Festive Season

The festive season is upon us! Christmas parties, tree decorating and frantic shopping is well underway. The countdown to the Christmas break is on and what a welcome break it will be! At this time of year, we start to see the onslaught of online content suggesting ways to ‘not fall off the wagon’ and […]

6 Factors that Affect Life Longevity

We’re back with part 2 of our Longevity mini blog series. In part 1, we introduced you to the concept of longevity and began to discuss the way population longevity varies around the world. Part 2 will delve into what affects life longevity, the reasons for differences in longevity between countries and gender, the concept […]

Understanding Calories vs Calories Out

Calories in vs calories out, the calorie balance, calorie expenditure; calories are associated with many different terms, all shaping both fat and muscle loss and gain. How can we use calories to help us stay on track to our goals? And is “calories in vs out” (CICO) really the only thing to focus on? What […]

What is Life Longevity?

The term “longevity” is being used more and more, with more research and interest in how to increase life longevity, and what changes can we make, if any, to our day-to-day life to improve it. Longevity is a very complex phenomenon. This is due to the fact that an array of environmental, behavioural, socio-demographic and […]

The Relationship between our Brain and our Gut

For every cell in your body, there are 9 bacteria in your gut (3). This community of bacteria is what we call our gut microbiome which plays a very important role in our health and in our response to certain foods. Research is difficult because no 2 gut microbiomes are the same: every human has […]

Guide to Macronutrients: Part 2

In part 1, we discussed what calories and macronutrients are and what split could be right for different people and goals. If you missed that, you can catch up here. Now, we’re looking further into specific circumstances and how that can affect the intake needed as well as how you can determine what caloire requirements […]

5 Tips to Maintain Energy Throughout the Day

Do you find yourself almost nodding off at your desk midafternoon or during meetings? Are these slumps turning into an all-day slump? If this is an all too common occurrence, there are things you can do to help sustain your energy levels throughout the day! It’s vital to make sure your energy levels are maintained […]