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Eating Disorders in Men: EDAW 2023

Eating disorders are a group of serious mental illnesses based on an unhealthy relationship with food. They can affect anyone – any age, sex, race or socioeconomic status (it’s not an illness exclusive to wealthy, white women as it is often depicted in various media). The most common age of onset is between 12 and […]

How to Spot a Diet Fad

Thanks to diet culture, most Brits have dieted at some point in their life, with the average Brit trying 126 diets in their lifetime, according to a Love Fresh Berries poll carried out in 2020. It goes without saying that the 126 diets tried are not effective or sustainable, so why do people opt for […]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight In a Calorie Deficit?

You have a fat loss goal and so you’ve reduced your intake and upped your workout frequency but don’t seem to be getting the results you want… why am I not losing weight, I hear you say?!  It can be an incredibly frustrating situation you find yourself in, but you’re not alone. There are countless […]

Sports Supplementation – Is It Worth the Hype?

Supplementating is a popular means of attempting to improve sports performance and/or training. We have previously covered how probiotics can aid in improving sports performance here, but this piece will focus on two different but very populars sports supplementation substances: creatine and caffeine. Caffeine tends to be used for an energy boost, whereas creatine is […]

How to Have a Successful Dry January

The festive season is a time we tend to relax, unwind and spend more time socialising than we may usually do. With this often comes more drinking, which is great, but can catch up with you as the year nears the end. Come January, many people look to reduce their alcohol intake or even pack […]

Can Food Fight Inflammation?

Can Food Fight Inflammation? The internet is blazen with content about inflammation, and how it can be reduced through the diet, namely through anti-inflammatory foods. To understand how anti-inflammatory foods can be effective, we first need to have a basic understanding of how inflammation itself arises, and what the consequences are. Inflammation (also known as […]

Where to Start with Fat Loss?

“All diets follow the same principle. Whether you lose or gain weight is determined by the energy balance which simply means calories eaten minus calories burned.” Fat loss – it’s a confusing topic. Foods and nutrients go through phases of being demonised and then celebrated for fat loss. “New” diets promise quick results and an […]

3 Reasons why you crave sugar after a meal

Having a little something sweet to ‘finish off a meal’ is an all too familiar feeling for many – myself included! Is there any science behind why you crave sugar after a meal, we hear you ask.  Although the exact mechanisms of why we crave certain foods are still largely unknown. There are lots of reasons […]