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5 Essential Tips for This Pub Season

It’s that time again, where in the heart of the pub, football enthusiasts come together, their spirits soaring as they watch the Euros. The roar of the crowd, the thrill of every goal, and the joy of victory or defeat shared over a pint. Over the next few weeks, visits to the pub and pints […]

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What is Life Longevity?

The term “longevity” is being used more and more, with more research and interest in how to increase life longevity, and what changes can we make, if any, to our day-to-day life to improve it. Longevity is a very complex phenomenon. This is because an array of environmental, behavioural, socio-demographic and dietary factors can influence […]

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7 Tips On How to Have a Healthy Bank Holiday

With the weather warming and the excitement for summer starting, Bank Holidays in Britain normally mean two things: booze, and BBQs.  Despite the fun and festivities around Bank Holidays, it can be difficult to navigate the nutritional side of things and make the best choices for yourself through this period. A fine balance between enjoyment […]

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