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5 Key Considerations For Fuelling 5KM

We’re back for our 4th year bringing the community together to give back. A quick sweat, a lot of fun and an incredible cause. As a team, we’ll be taking to Battersea Park for our annual Strides for the Streets 5km event. We are raising money for The Soup Kitchen London, a charity we have […]

Supporting Menopause and Beyond Through Nutrition

Navigating the complex and transformative journey of menopause is a milestone that every woman eventually faces. While this natural transition brings with it a variety of physical and emotional changes, one powerful tool that often goes overlooked is the role of diet and nutrition. Just as our bodies evolve over time, so do our nutritional […]

The profound connection between mental and physical health

The connection between mental and physical health is more than just a casual relationship – it’s a profound interplay that shapes our well-being. The two operate through a web of biological and chemical processes that tie our bodies and minds together. Neurotransmitters don’t just affect our mood but also influence our physical sensations. For instance, […]

Ultra-Processed Foods – The SACN update

What are ultra-processed foods? “Processed food” is a term that is thrown around a lot in everyday life – in the media, by the government, by friends and family – pretty much anyone you speak with will have a perception of processed foods. But this perception is not always correct. Technically speaking, the majority of […]

What’s better for you – sugar or artificial sweeteners?

In this blog, we will highlight the discussion around artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which, due to emerging research, is extremely popular at the moment. What are artificial sweeteners? Artificial sweeteners are synthetic sugar substitutes that provide sweetness without the added calories of traditional sugar. They are intensely sweet (over 200 times sweeter than sugar), […]

5 Top Tips for Making Grill-iant Choices This BBQ Season

Barbecues are synonymous with summertime, offering the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family, enjoy the outdoors, and have some delicious food! While BBQs present us with a variety of mouthwatering food options, they don’t have to derail our health goals.  With a few simple adjustments and mindful choices, you can savour the flavour […]