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Supporting Menopause and Beyond Through Nutrition

Navigating the complex and transformative journey of menopause is a milestone that every woman eventually faces. While this natural transition brings with it a variety of physical and emotional changes, one powerful tool that often goes overlooked is the role of diet and nutrition. Just as our bodies evolve over time, so do our nutritional […]

Savour the Summer Flavors: 3 Fruity Smoothie Recipes

Celebrate the last of the sunny days (albeit few and far between in the UK) with an array of refreshing smoothie recipes. Bursting with fruits and invigorating flavours, these delightful concoctions offer a cool respite from the heat.  Nutritious and delicious, these versatile smoothies cater to all taste buds. Whether you’re planning a picnic, chilling […]

Ultra-Processed Foods – The SACN update

What are ultra-processed foods? “Processed food” is a term that is thrown around a lot in everyday life – in the media, by the government, by friends and family – pretty much anyone you speak with will have a perception of processed foods. But this perception is not always correct. Technically speaking, the majority of […]

8 Tips for a Healthier You – Healthy Eating Week 2023

12-16th June 2023 marks ‘Healthy Eating Week’ in the UK, which aims to promote and support healthier lifestyles, this year, focussing on everyone. With the cost of living crisis continuing, the affordability of sustaining a healthy diet has been seriously impacted (check out our previous post on how the cost of food affects diet, here), […]

How Many Meals Should You Eat In A Day?

A question we are frequently asked here at FFF is how many meals should you eat in a day? This is largely due to the fact that there’s a vast range of information out there, most of which is fairly contradictory. The most common view is that our daily food intake should be split into […]

How to Eat Healthy Every Day

At Fresh Fitness Food, we love to help our clients meet their goals by providing them with healthy food that they love, but what clients sometimes seem to struggle with, is knowing how to eat healthy food DAILY. Sometimes it’s knowing what types of food to eat and in what proportions, other times it’s dealing […]

Understanding Diet and Cholesterol

What is cholesterol? Cholesterol, like many food-related molecules, has previously been given a bad rap. Whilst there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ types of cholesterol, cholesterol remains an essential molecule in the body. It composes the cell membrane and maintains its structural integrity. In addition, it is the precursor for steroid hormones, such as progesterone, testosterone, […]