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The Importance of Personalised Nutrition

Posted by FFF FFF on May 31, 2019 7:13:03 PM

Most dietary guidelines provide information about what a healthy diet is. Whilst they can be a useful starting point, the details of individual nutritional requirements can be very different, as are we. To begin, we’re going to look at the basics, starting with how many calories should you eat and in what form? 

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This Summer's Salad

Posted by FFF FFF on May 24, 2019 3:59:42 PM

Dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow.

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The Relationship between our Brain and our Gut

Posted by FFF FFF on May 15, 2019 3:30:41 PM

For every cell in your body, there are 9 bacteria in your gut (3). This community of bacteria is what we call our gut microbiome. It plays a very important role in our health and in our response to certain foods. Research is difficult because no 2 gut microbiomes are the same: every human has a microbiome that is as different as their DNA. This is because we all have a unique exposure to different bacteria depending on the microbes we inherit from our mother during birth (yes this really does occur in the way you are thinking – babies are born with a sterile gut and the first colonisers are bacteria from the mother’s birth canal and faeces) as well as through breastmilk. Further colonisation occurs by exposure to the environment, and the foods we eat.

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The Perfect Pre Marathon Breakfast...

Posted by FFF FFF on Apr 25, 2019 6:04:14 PM

... Or at least the perfect marathon breakfast for FFF nutritionist Lisa.

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The Truth About Carb Loading

Posted by FFF FFF on Apr 9, 2019 9:50:30 AM

The marathon is fast approaching, you’ve trained hard to get to this point, and stuck to your 4-weeks-out-marathon-prep-plan. So far, so good. But the nutritional choices you make in the last week pre-marathon can also be crucial to crossing that finish line feeling strong.

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Why fibre is the one ingredient we need in our diets

Posted by FFF FFF on Mar 26, 2019 11:40:54 PM

Fibre is the topic on everyone's lips at the moment. And with good reason. As we dig deeper into the research, the connection between dietary fibre intake and good health becomes clearer. Fibre is an essential dietary component, and yet one that is often overlooked.

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Valentines Day Brookies - Recipe

Posted by FFF FFF on Feb 11, 2019 4:44:38 PM

What could be better than spending Valentines Day in the kitchen, baking these delicious, drool worthy Brookies?

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TURF GAMES : Winter Festival 2019

Posted by FFF FFF on Feb 11, 2019 4:44:14 PM

When: 9th February 2019
What: Turf Games
Location: Brunel University
Time: To Win
Mission Objective: Glory


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FFF Favourite Vegan Protein Sources

Posted by FFF FFF on Jan 21, 2019 3:08:49 PM

Dietary protein is broken down in the digestive tract into amino acids. There are 21 amino acids of which 9 are essential. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesised by the human body, and therefore need to be obtained through food. Food sources are considered a ‘complete protein’ if they have all 9 essential amino acids in the right amounts. Complete proteins are more often found in animal based foods but it’s not impossible to get these from plants using clever combinations of varying plant based proteins. This is where the famous beans and rice combination comes from. On their own, rice and beans provide some essential amino acids, but together they form a complete protein, providing all 9 essential amino acids.
We’ve provided some of our favourite vegan protein sources below, alongside their protein content per 100g to help you on your way:

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Fat Loss - 8 steps to get started

Posted by FFF FFF on Jan 14, 2019 2:55:20 PM

Fat loss is a hot topic especially at this time of the year, and everyone claims to have the answer as to how to shed the Christmas pounds as quickly, and with as little effort as possible!
With every website providing different advice, it can be very confusing to know what to follow. We find the trick is not to overcomplicate things, so here we have provided you with a simple recap on what is required to lose body fat, as well as 8 easy steps to kick start your fat loss journey

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