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Build your best salad!

As the evenings get both longer and lighter there’s no denying we’d all prefer to spend a little more time outside enjoying ourselves at the weekend, rather than slaving over a hot stove (unless of course you’re a smart FFF’er). If not, ideally, we want quick, simple meals, with little time needed prep right?. Well, […]

Does Christmas really ruin your health goals?

  It’s the end of the year again and the days are cold, dark and short. All of a sudden going to the gym becomes a chore, and celebrations (chocolate and social) become the focus. Yes, it may feel slightly demotivating, and yes a little guilt may linger but it’s Christmas, and it should be […]

FFF Christmas Party Showdown

  Well, here it is, the most important blog you never realised you needed…until now…sit back, relax, unwind, and strap in for the regaling of a tale so titanic, it would attract an iceberg the size of Santa’s sack…of presents. A story where, if Saturday’s ‘are for the boys’, then Friday’s are most certainly ‘for […]

What happened when WIT threw it down?

The date was the 1st December, the location was WIT – a wondrous event awoke with willing intent, wanting to share its wonderment with a crowd of competition hungry members – these ever-watchful, unwavering, warrior-like, weapons had awaited the chance to prove themselves worthy in the WIT Throwdown. With relentlessness, intensity and pure, raw rhythm… […]

An Interview with Laura Hoggins…

FFF athlete, Laura Hoggins is day 29 into her calorie deficit with FFF, as she begins the 20 week journey to the London Marathon start line. Diets and deficits are no easy game to play, but with a little help from a bag drop (or 42) life becomes a little easier, and hunger becomes a […]

What is Chrononutrition?

Alarm clocks interrupt our sleep abruptly five out of seven days each week. We countdown the days until the weekend rolls around again, just so we can have an extra few hours in bed. Work and social commitments force us to wake before we want to and we stay up late into the night to […]

Why try CrossFit?

“The magic is in the movement The art is in the programming The science is in the explanation And the fun is in the community” Greg Glassman – Founder of CrossFit I started going to the gym when I was 19 with the same old excuse: I wasn’t happy in my skin and wanted to […]

Which supplements do you really need this Autumn?

Most people do not need to be taking supplements if they’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, aside from a select number of groups within the population who are usually advised to take certain ones e.g. folic acid for pregnant women. Despite this, there are a couple of exceptions to the above and occasions where the […]