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Build your best salad!

As the evenings get both longer and lighter there’s no denying we’d all prefer to spend a little more time outside enjoying ourselves at the weekend, rather than slaving over a hot stove (unless of course you’re a smart FFF’er). If not, ideally, we want quick, simple meals, with little time needed prep right?. Well, […]

Does Christmas really ruin your health goals?

  It’s the end of the year again and the days are cold, dark and short. All of a sudden going to the gym becomes a chore, and celebrations (chocolate and social) become the focus. Yes, it may feel slightly demotivating, and yes a little guilt may linger but it’s Christmas, and it should be […]

What is Chrononutrition?

Alarm clocks interrupt our sleep abruptly five out of seven days each week. We countdown the days until the weekend rolls around again, just so we can have an extra few hours in bed. Work and social commitments force us to wake before we want to and we stay up late into the night to […]

Why try CrossFit?

“The magic is in the movement The art is in the programming The science is in the explanation And the fun is in the community” Greg Glassman – Founder of CrossFit I started going to the gym when I was 19 with the same old excuse: I wasn’t happy in my skin and wanted to […]

Which supplements do you really need this Autumn?

Most people do not need to be taking supplements if they’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, aside from a select number of groups within the population who are usually advised to take certain ones e.g. folic acid for pregnant women. Despite this, there are a couple of exceptions to the above and occasions where the […]

HIIT: hype or hope for all time-stuck gym rats?

Exercise plays a vital role in staying healthy. However, many people struggle to make time to do so on a regular basis. We all have busy jobs, long commutes and maybe even a family to take care of. All of these factors place continuous demands on the limited 24 hours we have every day. High-Intensity […]

Vegan Ratatouille

Our ratatouille is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that will keep you feeling healthy and energized in the cold months ahead! – And, it’s absolutely delicious too The Ratatouille Onion Carrot Celery Red peppers Yellow peppers Tomato paste Chopped tomatoes Rosemary Bay leaves Basil Thyme Dice the onion, celery and carrot into similar sized chunks. Heat 2 tbsp of […]

Is Intermittent Fasting The Secret To Weight Loss?

Is breakfast still the most important meal of the day? We’re exploring the sense and nonsense surrounding intermittent fasting and calorie restriction for weight loss and longevity. “Obese people and those desiring to lose weight should perform hard work before food. Meals should be taken after exertion and while still panting from fatigue. They should, […]