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4 Top Tips For Preparing for the London Marathon

Dating back to 1981, the London Marathon is one of the most prestigious long-distance races in the world, attracting thousands of runners from all over the world to participate in the event. The event participants range from elite athletes, such as the men’s world record holder Eliud Kipchoge and women’s record holder Brigid Kosgei, to […]

Sports Supplementation – Is It Worth the Hype?

Supplementating is a popular means of attempting to improve sports performance and/or training. We have previously covered how probiotics can aid in improving sports performance here, but this piece will focus on two different but very populars sports supplementation substances: creatine and caffeine. Caffeine tends to be used for an energy boost, whereas creatine is […]

5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Run in Winter

At this time of year, you leave for work in the morning and it’s dark, you leave to go home and it’s also dark. It’s not surprising that winter is the time when we find our usual motivation to run quickly diminishing. The cold, dark mornings make hitting the snooze button and staying in bed […]

Class Review: Peloton Studios London

When you think of Peloton, you think of a bike in your living room that’s ready to help you get a full spin workout from the comfort of your own home, right? After a delay due to the pandemic, Peloton London Studios has gone full circle; they’ve brought the spin class experience to your home, […]

Should You Exercise with a Hangover?

It’s that time of year again with all of the holiday festivities and parties going on. There’s nothing better to evoke holiday cheer than mulled wine, some bubbly or a few festive cocktails. Alcohol might be responsible for a hell of a lot of fun, but you might also end up in bed with a […]

Class Review: Iron BodyFit

EMS Studio, Iron BodyFit, is a brand new studio located on Lavender Hill in Battersea. To announce the launch, I thought, what better way to do a Class Review so people can gain an understanding of what exactly EMS is.  Iron BodyFit are a Global brand with studios located in 13 countries. They have a […]

How do Probiotics affect Sports Performance?

Probiotics, not to be confused with prebiotics, are live bio cultures that we can consume through a variety of different forms. Sometimes through food, like with kraut or kimchi, sometimes through drink, like with kefir, and sometimes through supplementation, normally taken in the form of capsules. We’re focussing on the use of probiotics in sports […]

Class Review: John Reed Fitness

Hey, I’m Theo, one of the Business Development Team at Fresh Fitness Food. Due to the nature of my role, I’m fortunate enough to be able to experiment with new styles of training in some of the latest and greatest facilities that London has to offer – this week was certainly no exception!  This week […]