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8 Tips to Beat the Blues this blue Monday

Blue Monday, a term initially coined by Sky Travel, is supposed to be the ‘most depressing day’ of the year, and falls on the third Monday of January every year. This is due to recovering financially (and perhaps health-wise) from Christmas, combined with the weather and the festive season being over, amongst other factors. Many […]

How To Get More Sleep

In recent years, there has been a wave of findings that established how crucial quality sleep is. Sleep is the single most effective thing we do each day to reset our mental and physical health. With the regularity of new sleep science discoveries on the rise along with the general increase in buzz around sleep […]

How to Have Fun and Stay on Track This Silly Season

At Fresh Fitness Food, we are all about balance. Whilst we think it is important to continue to strive towards reaching your health and fitness goals, the winter holiday period is also a fantastic opportunity to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with family and friends. Our head of nutrition, Sophie, is on hand […]

How to Form A Habit: A Resource Round Up

Forming a habit can be notoriously difficult, particularly if it involves breaking a cycle – things like stopping smoking, reducing phone time, or stopping biting your nails. Whatever habit it is that you’re trying to build or break, it requires focus and dedication. From our research and experience, it comes down to setting your intentions […]

How to Protect and Improve Your Body Image

Body image is something everyone has, whether positive, negative, or neutral. Thanks to diet culture, we as a nation become aware of our bodies from a very young age. The UK Government, specifically The Women and Equalities Committee, conducted a survey in July of 2020 to investigate this.  It was found that 61% of adults […]

How to Reduce Your Food Waste

In 2019 we launched the FFF Sustain Campaign in a bid to challenge ourselves to become the industry leader in terms of minimising environmental impact. As part of that campaign, we set a goal to reduce food wastage from our production. 

Quarantine Essentials with Renee McGregor

There is no doubt we are facing unsettling times, but all is not lost, especially not your fitness or diet gains. Today, we are discussing just that with leading sports dietician Renee McGregor, seeking her advice on how to stay sane and what to keep in your cupboards. – What three tips would you give […]