6 Easy Microchanges For 2024

January offers a blank canvas of possibilities for those eager to put in the work on their health and fitness goals or work towards building some new habits. If you don’t fall into this category just yet, that’s completely fine – it’s never too late to get cracking.

If you’re still settling back into your work-life routine after the festive period, we’re on hand to help with 6 easy microchanges for 2024.

1. Aim to get protein, carbs, fat and at least one portion of fruit/veg in each meal/snack.

Combining all four elements will help increase satiety, and allow you to pack micronutrients in as well. This can look like peanut butter and banana or berries on wholegrain toast, hummus, pita and crudites, or yoghurt, granola, nuts and fruit, to name a few examples.

2. Eating past satiety to prevent waste is still wasting food…

Feeling full is your body’s way of telling you it does not require any more energy at that time – if you’re eating past this point, your body will not utilise the energy as efficiently, and it will often be an excess of energy, which is waste for your body, rather than your bin.

3. If you really want something, eat it.

If you’re craving something and have been for over a day, just eat it. It’s unlikely the craving will go away until you eat it, and the longer you try to resist it, the more likely you are to binge on said item when you do allow yourself to eat it. That’s not to say you shouldn’t think about your nutrition and you should eat everything that comes to mind, but you can cut the restrictive mindset, and honour your cravings in manageable, moderate portions. 

4. Learn to listen to your hunger cues.

If you’re finding that you’re eating a lot in a short amount of time because you’re so overwhelmed with how hungry you feel, you’re likely not listening to your hunger cues properly. Take some time to learn how your body shows its hunger – beyond a rumbling stomach or dizziness – maybe you start to get irritable, feel shaky, or even get hiccups! If you learn to preempt your hunger and keep your body and blood sugar balanced, you’re less likely to overindulge when you eventually do eat.

5. Half your efforts to eat healthily by doubling up on portion sizes when cooking your dinner.

Save the leftovers for an easy lunch, or a quick and healthy dinner option for evening’s you’re more on the go. It doesn’t require any extra work, but saves you time and likely money further down the line, as you’re not having to opt for convenience foods!

6. If you struggle to drink enough water, add a straw.

Switching to using a bottle with a built-in straw, or drinking from a glass with a straw in allows you to drink more water without thinking about it – we can take more liquid through a straw, as we don’t need to ‘gulp’, and it makes the drinking process more pleasant and smooth overall. 

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Meghan Foulsham

Published by Meghan Foulsham

Meghan's fascination with metabolism and the effect of diet on the body covered in her BSc Biochemistry, paired with being a passionate mental health advocate, led her to a Master's degree in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition. Using this, Meghan works with clients to help them reach their goals in the most sustainable way, without sacrificing or risking their mental health.

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