5 Top Tips for Making Grill-iant Choices This BBQ Season

Barbecues are synonymous with summertime, offering the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family, enjoy the outdoors, and have some delicious food! While BBQs present us with a variety of mouthwatering food options, they don’t have to derail our health goals. 

With a few simple adjustments and mindful choices, you can savour the flavour while still tracking towards your goals!

Here are 5 simple tips to see you through the BBQ season

1. Choose Lean Proteins

Opt for lean protein sources like skinless chicken, turkey burgers, or fish. These options are lower in saturated fats and provide essential nutrients. Try to avoid heavily processed meats and sausages, as they often contain high amounts of sodium and saturated fats.

2. Load Up on Colorful Veggies

Vegetables are a BBQ’s best friend. Grill a diverse selection of colourful vegetables like peppers, courgettes, aubergine, and corn. They are rich in vitamins, minerals while adding vibrancy and taste to your plate. Consider making vegetable skewers for an easy and nutritious side dish.

3. Marinade your protein sources

Shop-bought marinades are often low in fat but can be high in added salt, so why not make your own?

A marinade of lemon, rosemary or sage and a little bit of oil is simple but really tasty. Alternatively, use fresh herbs such as parsley, coriander or basil along with some citrus fruit such as orange, lemon or lime (grated zest and juice) once the meat has cooked. This will go down a treat with your guests!

4. Grill Fruits for Dessert

Grilling fruits bring out their natural sweetness and creates a delightful dessert option – what’s not to love? Try grilling pineapple slices, peach halves, or watermelon wedges for a delicious dessert. Serve them with some Greek yoghurt or a sprinkle of cinnamon for added flavour.

5. Be mindful of your drink choices

Alcohol has become an integral part of social gatherings and celebrations and it can be easy to overdo it a little when you’re enjoying a barbecue. 

If you are drinking alcohol, think about alternating your alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. You can also try diluting them – make wine into a spritzer or go for a half-and-half shandy if you are drinking beer, lager or cider. Not only will this help you reduce your alcohol intake, but it will also help to keep you hydrated, which is especially important in the summer months!

We also discussed Mindful Drinking: 5 Tips to Make Healthier Choices When it Comes to Alcohol here.

You definitely do not need to turn down BBQs and other social events over the summer months to hit your goals. This is undoubtedly not something we would advocate, as it is really important to relax, unwind and catch up with friends and family. Ultimately, it’s all about balance and being mindful of your choices! We know that on occasions, this can be easier said than done, but hopefully, we have shown you that you don’t need to make too many drastic swaps and changes, rather a couple of simple adjustments can help you along the way!

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Published by Georgia Chilton

In her teenage years, a love of food and rowing led Georgia into this field as she wanted to know how to optimise performance through nutrition. With a BSc in Nutrition and an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, she has the skill set to help you track towards your goals and maximise your potential.

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