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The Relationship between Nutrition and Mental Health

It is widely acknowledged that eating a nutritious and balanced diet is good for one’s physical health, leading to a decrease in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even certain cancers. However, the link between diet and mental health is overlooked. Whilst the food an individual consumes is certainly not the sole cause […]

Recommendation Roundup

Our team at FFF are always on the hunt for new things, anything from restaurants to podcasts and good reads to apps. Every month we’ll be sharing our top recommendations that we think you may like too. 

Hunger Hormones Explained

Losing weight and keeping it off are two very different things. Regaining weight is the norm rather than the exception, and up to two thirds of dieters regain more weight following a diet, than they lost in the first place (11).


Personally, I’m a little (pleasantly) surprised, I have completed it as I’d always thought it would be too difficult to stick to and my diet wouldn’t be varied enough to keep things interesting. However, with the help of a combination of our delicious Fresh Fitness Food vegan meals, as well as time spent planning, I’ve […]

Can you be an athlete and eat a plant-based diet?

The number of people following a vegetarian or vegan diet has significantly increased in recent times as being vegan has become far more accessible to the general public. The food and drink industry has capitalised on the sharp rise in veganism, meaning we now see more plant-based meal options in supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and across […]

#Veganuary – Week 3

Week 3 – Veganuary We’re now three weeks into Veganuary, Veganary or just plant-based month if that’s too much of a mouthful for you (see our IGTV bloopers for some lols). The weeks seem to be flying by and I now feel as though I’ve got the hang of things in terms of food choices, […]