Easy At Home Mobility with Bradley Welch

Find yourself stiffening up being sat at your desk all day? Perhaps the kitchen table isn’t so great for posture after all? Don’t panic, we’re here to help, or rather FFF coach Brad Welch is, sharing with you a simple mobility sequence to try at home. Get it done as soon as you wake up, or slot it into your lunchtime session. Cricked necks and creaky bodies are a thing of the past. Over to you Brad…

Being mobile is a crucial aspect of being healthy. If a person is not able to move a joint freely through its full range of motion, they are already putting themselves at an increased risk of injury before even attempting to pick up a weight and load that range of motion. There will ideally be a period of time in day that is dedicated to restoring/improving movement.

With the current climate seeing us work from home and therefore sitting down for longer durations in the day, taking mobility breaks can be a great way to shake off any aches/stiffness and also explore and build new ranges. As little as 5-10 minutes throughout the day can make a huge difference to our physical and mental state, now the weather is getting better combining getting outside with your mobility work is a fantastic strategy to implement.

Remember the aim to create as much movement through the body so there really is no right or wrong with basic movement, go with what feels good & ultimately what you feel eases off any restricted movement or tension.

Give this simple mobility sequence a go, and be sure to tag me if you try:

(Hover over the exercise to click through to an exercise video demo)

  1. Standing Windmill x 5 each way
  2. Tall kneeling flexion/extension x10
  3. Half kneeling banded pass through x7 each side (you can use a pair of tights/a towel/an old t shirt)
  4. 90/90 transitions x 10
  5. Bear sit and thoracic rotations x 10 each side

Bradley Welch
Strength Endurance Coach
Founder – BwCommandoFitness
Co-Founder – RunStrong & Beyond programming


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