Class Review: Engine at Forest House

Class reviews are backkkk for 2024!

Recently I was invited to spend a day at Forest House in Watford and took part in one of their classes, Engine. Designed by Coach Amy, the Functional Fitness classes are the perfect way to fit in a great workout, no matter how much time you have. With varying class lengths and intensities, they’re flexible to fit into any schedule.

Studio Overview

Picture a place where no matter how you feel when you arrive, you leave feeling refreshed and revived. Forest House is that place. Whether you join their classes, enjoy a game of squash, or simply unwind in their cosy coffee area for a chat or to do work, this club is designed to help you ‘have more good days’

They’re all about supporting individuals in achieving their health and fitness goals and making it easy to keep showing up. No matter your schedule or energy level, there’s a class tailored just for you.

The Workout

Best carried out in pairs and went as follows:

  1. Max calories 6 minutes on the rower,  YGIG (You Go I Go)

1 min rest

2. 12 minutes YGIG for max rounds

  • 12 KB Swings
  • 8 Air Squats
  • 4 Burpee over KB

1 min rest

3. Max calories 6 minutes on the rower,  YGIG

The Engine workouts are fast and sweaty. For this workout, you work in pairs in a you go I go-style format, splitting the reps and calories however you like. I love this style of workout as it gives each person enough rest time between their movements to push the intensity and cheer on their partner!

Beyond the Workout

Forest House offers a variety of classes including Yoga, HIIT, Spin and open gym sessions. From their custom-built Yoga and Reformer studios to the state-of-the-art equipment in the gym, instructors are available to help members achieve their goals.

A must-try class: Hot Yoga classes are a must-try in the colder months.

Why Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga has a variety of amazing benefits for both the mind and body. These include improving blood circulation and flexibility. It has also been suggested to be beneficial in stress management.

Round Up

They’ve got everything you need for an awesome workout and an amazing team of coaches supporting you. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the entire atmosphere is designed to keep you motivated and enjoy working out. 

Top Tip – Don’t miss out on their cafe! Treat yourself to a delicious Fresh Fitness Food meal – my top pick? A post-workout Fresh Fitness Food Chicken Caesar wrap!


  • Sweat: 10/10
  • Endorphins: 10/10
  • Recommendation: 10/10

Keen to give Forest House a try? Head over to their site to check out what they have to offer!

Remember that individual experiences may vary, and the review is based on my personal encounter at Forest House, Watford. It’s advisable to visit, enquire, and experience the studio firsthand to make the best choice for your fitness level.

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