Class Review: WOD at ONE LDN

This month’s class review will be on WOD at ONE LDN! I went down there for their Tuesday WOD (workout of the day) earlier this month and it was topnotch!

Studio Overview

ONE LDN is a state-of-the-art gym in the heart of Fulham. It has a huge fitness space with a weights section, functional fitness space, yoga studio & boxing area.

There is a range of classes, led by world-class trainers, catering for all levels. Most take place in their unique functional fitness space, The Playground – an impressive area full of BLK Box equipment. Strictly work hard, play hard here! They even describe it as ‘London’s favourite new functional fitness space’.

I arrived early so headed into The Playground to warm up. It was a class of five people. This meant there was plenty of space and a personal feel. It was a relaxed vibe (to start!) and the coach taking the session, Adrian (a weightlifter and jiu-jitsu practitioner), made sure we were comfortable with the programming.

The Playground

The Workout

The WOD workouts at ONE LDN are challenging workouts, with a full-body focus combining endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination and more.

It has two main parts. Part one, weightlifting and part two, conditioning at a high intensity.

The first part focused on the barbell hang clean. Following clear demos from Adrian, we built up to a challenging weight for multiple sets, taking time to focus on technique. I’m a novice when it comes to weightlifting, and mostly avoid it in my training, so this got the brain firing as well as the muscles.

The second part was what you might call a ‘full send’. Music high, heart rate higher, completing as much as you can for 15 minutes. We rowed the distance and then it was dumbbell clean and jerks or burpee box jumpovers in the remaining time, repeating six times. The quicker you are done on the rower, the more reps you get in!

It got sweaty, fast.

Part one

15 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute): 1 high hang clean + 1 low hang clean @ 70% max

Part two

Every 2 and a half mins x 6: 400/ 500 m row and then alternate between i) db clean + jerk (2 x 15 kg / 22.5 kg) and ii) burpee box jump-over

Total working time = 30 minutes

Round Up

I LOVED this WOD because it was just outside of my comfort zone. In addition, I left it knowing I’d improved in skill and fitness aspects. The lack of rest time in the second part really tested me, but that leaves you feeling like you’ve put an effort in!

A special shoutout to Adrian, whose individualised guidance and session pacing were awesome! Sometimes smaller classes can feel quiet, but he brought high-energy tunes and encouragement!

The vibrant and inclusive atmosphere at ONE LDN enhanced the experience. The friendly community creates an inclusive feel that welcomes everyone, whether they’re dropping in for their first session or have been training there for a while.

A very big thank you to Adrian and Jake for having me down for an awesome session. I’ll be back soon!


  • Sweat: 9/10. The row into burpee box jumpovers is entirely to blame.
  • Endorphins: 9/10. Great music, great people.
  • Recommendation: 10/10. For somewhere to improve multiple aspects, connect with others and enjoy yourself, the WOD at ONE LDN is a top choice.

Head over to their website to book onto a class or make use of their 7-day trial!


Remember that individual experiences may vary, and the review is based on Rory’s personal encounter with ONE LDN. It’s advisable to visit, enquire, and experience the studio firsthand to make the best choice for your fitness requirements.

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