Meet our Marathoners

Hannah and Emily running through the park

You think the miles slow when you hit commuter traffic? Try running 26.2! The major marathon that takes over the roads we know so well, and asks of all of us to celebrate the effort put in by so many is slowly (but oh so surely) creeping up.

This week we chat with 2 of our team taking on the big challenge. With their marathon prep plans firmly in place, while they may not be mastering London this year, with Paris two weeks earlier, they’re one step ahead of the game! Be it nerves or niggles, they’ve got numerous stories to tell…

Lisa: FFF nutrition team, and keen to conquer Paris in record time.

Hannah: FFF marketing team who regularly bores the office with running antics.

1) Two words to describe how you’re feeling weeks out from the 26.2…

Lisa – Nervousited (Nervous and excited at the same time)

Hannah – Hungry and Excitable

2) Which mile are you most excited for?

Lisa – Mile 13, halfway through, the countdown can begin.

Hannah – 25, the victory lap begins!

3) What will be your go to 24-mile snack saviour?

Lisa – Larabar! (TTH run club introduced them to me, yummy!)

Hannah – Sachet of Pics Peanutbutter

4) Pre-race breakfast and dinner… GO!

Lisa –  Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter and banana/ Dinner: Spaghetti Pomodoro

Hannah – Breakfast: Toast with marmite and butter/ Dinner: Cheese and wine in plentiful amounts.

5) Cross the line finishing pose… let’s see it!

marathon meal prep

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