Chocolate Protein Brownie Bircher

Are you looking for a delicious bircher muesli recipe? Look no further we have your needs covered with this our tasty chocolate protein brownie bircher to tantalise your tastebuds. It’s simple to rustle up in minutes and leave in the fridge overnight.


100g GF oats
1x Banana
1tsp Maple syrup
1x scoop (30g) Chocolate protein
1tsp Vanilla
200g Almond milk
1tsp Cacao powder

Favoured toppings for the bircher:
Manilife peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, chocolate brownie, cacao Nibs, mixed nuts.


1. Caramelise the banana in the maple syrup, add water and cook down to a puree.
2. Mix all ingredients together the day before eating, and leave in the fridge overnight to set.
3. In the morning enjoy with your favourite toppings. We’ve stated our favourites above.

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