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There’s no denying things are a bit different right now, and while the first few weeks are bound to feel bumpy, we need to begin to find a bit of routine in this new setup. Current conditions mean gyms are out of the question, your favourite Saturday morning spin is no longer an option and letting off steam throwing around your barbell is a thing of the past, for now. While some may see this as a negative, we’re finding the silver lining, focusing on what we can do as opposed to what we can’t.

As current guidelines stand, being outside is still an option. Be that to rep out some sets in the comfort of your garden, or head out on a run while abiding by social distancing. Currently, we’ve got it good in the grand scheme of things.

We want you to respect the guidelines and give back to those working around the clock as much as possible. In light of this, we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to move without breaking any rules or putting anyone more vulnerable at risk. We should also note, please only give these suggestions a go if you’re feeling fit, well and are non-symptomatic.

  1. Home workouts

These are everywhere right now, thanks to a large proportion of the fitness industry giving up their time to give back to you. From bodyweight workouts to one dumbbell wonders, there are all sorts out there for you to get your hands on, the majority being free. A few of our favourites are:

  • CCTV, otherwise known as Core Collective’s bank of brilliantly programmed sessions to keep you from missing your Tuesday Row, or Saturday Cycle. Find out more here.
  • Rory Knight, FFF ambassador and Technogym Global Master Trainer, is hosting regular live workouts on his channel. Expect extra energy, a few bear crawls and a hint of @track_life_ldn! Tune in here.
  • Fred Fit’s finishers are back, only this time it’s just what you need to get up and moving when lunchtime calls. If 10-15 minutes is all it takes to get the heart racing and blood pumping, count us in. You can find these on Fred’s Instagram page, sponsored by… you guessed it, Fresh Fitness Food! Find the finishers landing here.
  • Our very own Twice the Health has just launched #TTHatHome, a series of activities released every day to encourage you to use your extra time well! Expect edible delights, easy to do at home workouts and plenty of podcasts to listen to. You can sign up right here.
  • If triathlon is your thing, and you’re still gunning for a late Summer race, there’s no place you’d rather be than on the pages of FFF ambassadors @lucycharles93 and @reecebarclaytri. They’re sharing a mix of workouts, from tough turbo rides, to on land swim strength sessions. Head to their Youtube channel to see more
  • Our friends at Bamboo Yoga are hosting multiple sessions daily to get you moving on your mat from the comfort of your own home. You can find the full schedule over on their Instagram.

2) Get ready to run

As guidelines stand, getting outside to run is still a possibility, so get out in this glorious sunshine and embrace the incoming endorphins. Choose routes without big crowds, and do your best to distance yourself from other walkers and runners by two metres. All this takes is a little consideration, wait when someones approaching a more narrow path and get a bit creative where you run.

Are you looking for something a little spicier? Try sourcing a (quiet) hill and chasing down some sprint repeats. You’ll be surprised how few you need to feel it the next day.

3) Go for a walk

Again, this requires respect and a reminder that social distancing applies here too. Make your morning coffee at home, and take it for a wander or grab a herbal tea and head out after a day at your desk. The benefits of just moving will do wonders for both mind and body.

4) Just Move

Grab your mat and get moving, whichever way you like. Jump up and down, take it low for a stretch or dig into the dance moves you’d usually only perform on a Friday night, post 11 pm. However, you choose to do it, make sure it does the job you’re chasing, be that to sweat or just a chance to get out your head.

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Meghan Foulsham

Published by Meghan Foulsham

Meghan's fascination with metabolism and the effect of diet on the body covered in her BSc Biochemistry, paired with being a passionate mental health advocate, led her to a Master's degree in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition. Using this, Meghan works with clients to help them reach their goals in the most sustainable way, without sacrificing or risking their mental health.

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