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I’m Georgie, one of the new business development team members here at Fresh Fitness Food. Last month, I was invited by Sam and Laura to try out Heba’s Pilates Gym and the Nuforma® in their Chelsea studio.

Heba Pilates Gym currently has 5 UK studios; Beaconsfield, Chelsea, Clapham, Putney and Windsor with huge plans already in place to expand across to Australia. Opening in Bondi this summer!

What is a Heba Pilates Gym and why do they have Nuforma®s?

Heba Pilates Gym has two straplines:

  1. Better for your body
  2. Welcome to your body

Everything about the Heba setup is designed to make it easy to make reformer pilates based exercise a part of your life.

Rather than booking a class, you book a Nuforma® – your own workstation for an hour. It seems like you are in a class as there are lots of members around and studio instructors there to correct and adjust you as much or as little as you need, but you follow your own individual programme on the screen in front of you.

The way you move on the Nuforma® is very much pilates based so it targets deep into your core and builds your overall strength, building long lean muscles that work efficiently.

On top of this, the Heba method combined with the Nuforma® includes weights as well as springs so that you can work on mobility and flexibility at the same time as strength. Excellent for your body, your schedule and your workout.

Heba Pilates is great for people who have not exercised for a while, are in need of strengthening to help elevate any pain or hate the gym and group classes. It is also a great addition for athletes to unlock additional power and performance.

The Workout:

Every Nuforma® displays and explains the exercise leaving the instructor completely free to come around and help you during your session. Your own personal Heba Pilates App logs you into the Nuforma® so it follows your personal preference and progress, it even lets you save favourite sessions.

The pre-recorded workouts range from stretch and mobility to a higher intensity of area-specific work. Every workout is designed to suit all abilities and can be paused at any time to rest or repeat. If you miss an instruction, desire repetition or have been adjusted, you can rewind or fast forward to suit you.

When I tried the Nuforma® myself, I was after a workout that would allow me to stretch my already sore muscles, but also challenge me at the same time. This is exactly what was achieved and I loved every minute of it. As it was my first time at Heba, my instructor paid extra attention and helped me understand each element of the workout.

The studio instructors were so helpful and friendly, they made it easy for me to become confident with the Nuforma®.

The Verdict:

  • Sweat & DOMS –  6/10 This is down to personal preference and the workout you choose. You can sweat or you can choose a less intense workout but still work hard
  • Endorphins – 10/10 only do Pilates on a day that you want to feel fantastic
  • Pricing – Heba is amazing value, designed to be affordable! On average –  £15 per class
  • Recommendation – 10/10 – go and try this, Sam says the things she hears most in the studio is “I wish I had started sooner”

Start your Nuforma® journey today Heba Pilates.

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