Class Review: Hybrid at Metabolic

This month’s class review will be on Hybrid at Metabolic, London! I went down and threw myself into a lunchtime “Hybrid” session and I was a massive fan! The Hybrid sessions, strategically designed to encompass strength, endurance, and skill-based movements, provide an invigorating challenge – urging participants to push their limits within a 12-minute time frame. This dynamic approach not only keeps things engaging but also ensures measurable progress week after week!

Studio Overview

Metabolic exemplifies excellence in functional training, guiding members towards amplified strength and lean muscle development through a cutting-edge metabolic approach. Embracing a foundational philosophy, the gym’s group fitness concept seamlessly integrates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength workouts, committing to tangible results such as noticeable fat reduction and the capacity to burn up to 1,000 calories per session. 

Metabolic is situated in North London, near Mornington Crescent station, and they have also recently extended their offerings by opening a new site in Brentwood, which is on the list to check out next!

The Workout

The Hybrid sessions at Metabolic present a comprehensive full-body workout, seamlessly integrating strength, endurance, and skill-based movements. The class structure revolves around three 12-minute blocks, each featuring a trio of movements (endurance, strength, and skill-based) performed consecutively. The primary objective? Complete as many rounds as possible within the allotted 12 minutes. To cap off the intensity, we finished with a spicy core circuit. As you can imagine, it got very sweaty, very quickly!

Block 1

  • 3-4cal run (curve runner)
  • 20 KB squat jumps
  • 20 DB elevated reverse lunge (x10 per leg) 

Block 2

  • 10-15cal assault bike
  • 10-15 bar hang cleans
  • 10-15 bar strict press

Block 3

  • 12-15cal ski erg
  • 10-15 pull-ups (assisted if needed) 
  • 2 reps of a heavy sled push 

Core Finisher

  • 1min v-sit 
  • 1min jack knives
  • 1min Russian twists
  • 1min plank

Total working time = 40 minutes

Round Up

I thoroughly enjoyed this session, as it propelled me beyond my comfort zone. It not only left me with the satisfaction of having exerted myself to the fullest but also equipped me with new skills. The relentless rounds, although challenging, compelled me to invest maximum effort and push my limits!

A big shoutout to Nick, who led the class, pushing us throughout and fully elevating the session! Nick initiated the class with a great warmup, incorporating movements integral to the workout, ensuring we were well-prepared with the correct form. His support during challenging aspects of the workout boosted my confidence, particularly in mastering new movements like the hang cleans! Nick is great at correcting form (which is always appreciated!) His guidance significantly improved my technique on the ski-erg, resulting in better overall performance. Throughout the challenging and sweaty session, he sustained unwavering high energy, consistently encouraging us and pushing us to our limits. A big kudos to Nick for elevating the overall experience!


  • Sweat – 10/10 (I blame the assault bike!)
  • Endorphins – 9/10 – Great tunes and encouragement throughout!
  • Recommendation – 10/10.

A massive thank you to Lawrence and Nick for having me down and putting me through my paces – I’ll be back soon for sure!

Keen to give Metabolic a try? Head over to their site to check out their sessions or book through ClassPass!

Remember that individual experiences may vary, and the review is based on the writer’s personal encounter with Metabolic. It’s advisable to visit, enquire, and experience the studio firsthand to make the best choice for your fitness requirements.

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