5 Top Tips on How to Start Running. Global Running Day 2023 Part 2

Welcome to part of this 2 part series celebrating Global Running Day. If you like the idea of starting to run now but really sure how to get going, this blog is for you! If you’re fairly new to running or yet to start, but would like to dip your toes in, we’ve rounded up our top tips on how to start running.

Remember, you do not have to hit a certain speed or a certain distance to call yourself a runner. If you move at a speed above a walking pace, you are a runner.

If you missed part one which discusses the details about why running is so good for you, you can check that out here.

5 tips on how to start running

  1. Start with a Warm-up: Prior to your run, engage in a dynamic warm-up routine to prepare your muscles and joints for the activity. Include exercises like jogging in place, leg swings, high knees, and lunges.
  1. Gradual Training: If you’re new to running or haven’t run a 5km distance before, start with a run-walk approach. Begin by alternating between running and walking intervals, gradually increasing the running portion and decreasing the walking portion as you build your endurance. 1 minute on and 1 minute off, can be a good way to ease yourself in!
  1. Consistency and Progression: Consistency is key when it comes to training for a 5km run. Aim for regular training sessions throughout the week, gradually increasing your running distance and intensity over time. This progressive approach helps prevent injuries and allows your body to adapt to the demands of running.
  1. Set a Goal: Establish a specific goal for your 5km run, whether it’s completing it within a certain time frame or simply finishing the race. Having a goal will help you stay motivated and focused during your training.
  1. Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge and celebrate your progress and achievements along the way. Completing a 5km run is a significant accomplishment, so be proud of your dedication and hard work.

I hope we’ve left you feeling inspired to lace up your trainers this Global Running Day! If you would like some extra support, Runna is the answer! Runna is your personalised running coach with tailored plans to achieve your goals, from training for a faster 5k to your first marathon – they’ve got you covered. Download Runna today to claim your two weeks of free coaching to help you reach your next running goal with code: FRESHFITNESS. Get started here and thank us later!

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Published by Georgia Chilton

In her teenage years, a love of food and rowing led Georgia into this field as she wanted to know how to optimise performance through nutrition. With a BSc in Nutrition and an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, she has the skill set to help you track towards your goals and maximise your potential.

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