Nutrition for Hyrox – Event Day Tips for Peak Performance

We’re back with some more Hyrox-focussed content! We’ve already delved into our top tips for the lead-up to the event and some first-hand intel from one of our FFF affiliates. Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll explore the essential elements of nutrition for the day of Hyrox. We will be breaking down the key nutrients, non-negotiables, and dietary tips for peak performance and optimal recovery.

The Day Of Hyrox


Regardless of the time of your first event, you need breakfast. Hopefully, you’ve planned or prepared for this the night before, so it’s not something you need to stress too much about!

1. Protein, Carbs, Fat 

The holy grail. This will help you feel satiated and set you up well for the day/morning. Overnight oats or porridge with a scoop of protein powder and some nut butter is always a winning combo in our eyes!

2. Time it well

If consuming a meal, aim to eat around 1.5-3 hours before the first event. If that’s not feasible, have breakfast and then a snack just before.

3. Avoid intolerances

It goes without saying, but avoid anything that might cause an unwanted reaction that might impact your performance. Also, avoid trying anything new on the day – ensure you only use tried and tested methods.

Focus on:

  • Convenience – Fuss and mess-free, easy to eat, and quick. Don’t rely on being able to get something there – come prepared.
  • Hydration – Dehydration can seriously impact performance and general well-being, so make sure you’re replenishing any lost fluids throughout the day.
  • Timing – If there’s not much time between events (around 30-60 mins), go for something with quick-release (simple) carbs like a gel, banana, or sports drink. If you have more time to allow for digestion, opt for something with complex carbs.
  • What to eat – Independent of meal timing, you want something relatively light but will fuel well. As with breakfast and dinner, you want to avoid anything that may cause discomfort or stomach issues

Post Hyrox Event

Nutrition for Recovery

Congratulations! Weeks, maybe months of hard work have paid off! How are you feeling?

Keep an eye on how you’re feeling in the following days, and really try to hone in on what your body needs. If you’re feeling completely depleted, increase your carbohydrate intake.

Protein and carbs are the key macros in recovery – make sure you’re getting plenty of them to help your muscles recover and to replenish your glycogen stores.

What to avoid to support your recovery:

  • Celebrating too much – While the post-event celebration is inevitable, you’ll be feeling incredibly tired and worn out. Making sure your body gets its well-deserved rest is really important.
  • Derailing your nutrition – You will need rest, and your body will need proper nutrition and hydration to recover well from the day. Make sure you’re having some form of protein at least, but also carbs and fat once the day is done – even if that’s in the form of a pizza or a burger, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water between celebratory drinks as well.
  • Training again too soon – You’ll have trained for weeks, if not months for this. Therefore, if you feel that your body needs a little break to recover suitably, take it. The last thing you want is to jump back in too quickly and injure yourself as a result.

What to prioritise:

  • Allow Rest – Take a break from training while your body heals and recovers to help avoid injury.
  • Active Recovery – Even if you’re not training, make sure to move your body a little still so that you don’t stiffen up.
  • Massage/Theraguns – If you have them, utilise foam rollers, theraguns, and even a nice hot bath with Epsom salts, to help reduce muscle stiffness and DOMS.

Although it attracts athletes of all levels, Hyrox is still no easy feat. It takes commitment and determination to complete the training and the main event. You’ve made it this far, so go and smash it. Good luck for the main event!

If you’re looking to free up some time from your busy training schedule, book a call with one of our all-knowing nutritionists to discuss this further. Have all the information you need but just don’t want to cook? Give one of our plans a go with £60 off your first 5 days with code BLOG60 – Start your trial here.

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