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Apricot Buckwheat Pancakes

Our pancakes have levelled up. These fluffy breakfast delights are easy to make and can be rustled up using ingredients you likely already have in the cupboards. In true FFF style, they have a good serving of protein to keep you both full and fuelled throughout the morning and just the right level of sweetness […]

Sweet Potato Salad Bowl Recipe

BBQ season is almost upon us and this is the perfect addition to the table. Whether it’s a main dish or a side, there’s a variety of flavours through a range of plant-based sources in this rainbow dish. Makes 2 portions Ingredients 1 medium sweet potato 1 tin chickpeas, drained  80g millet seed 1 handful […]

White Fish & Summer Ratatouille Recipe

The sun has finally come out and we’re certain it’s here to stay. This high protein recipe is bursting with light, summer flavours perfect for enjoying in the sun with your friends and family. Simple to cook and delicious to eat, this is definitely one to try. Makes 2 portions. Ingredients 2 portions white fish, […]

4 Essential Nutrients Women Need To Know

In the past, women have often been referred to as ‘smaller versions of men’, when it comes to nutrition. It’s pretty much understood now, that this is simply not the case. Women’s nutritional requirements are different to men’s, and different to each other (!), throughout different phases of their life, for example during menstruation, for […]

The Art of Poaching

The past of the poached egg is a tricky one to pinpoint, so let’s just assume that history is still trying to ‘crack it’! In many countries and cultures the egg is the symbol of rebirth and new life. In Iran they decorate eggs for New Year. Nowruz and Christians recognise the egg as the […]